Vice Principal: Daniel McGinnis

About Daniel

Daniel studied History and Religious Studies as an undergraduate at Baylor University in America.  He then went on to earn an MA and PhD in Biblical Studies from Sheffield University, focusing on first century Greco-Roman culture and the book of Acts.  He has a background in leading student ministry, and planted a church in Sheffield in 2005, which he led and developed for the next 8 years.  After that, he founded the Leeds School of Theology, which he continues to direct, and was involved in the leadership of St Barnabas Theological Centre.  Since January 2017 he has been Vice-Principal of St Hild College, focused primarily on the Sheffield Barnabas Teaching Centre.  He lives in north Sheffield with his wife Jeannie and their two children, Madeline and Aiden.


  • ‘Catalysts for Mission’ in John Vincent (ed.), Acts in Practice (Dorset: Deo Publishing, 2012)

  • ‘Mission in Acts: A Rhetorical Call to Action’

Research and Supervision Interests

  • First Century Culture

  • The Book of Acts

  • New Testament Greek

  • Biblical Hermeneutics

  • Urban Mission

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