Diploma in Theology, Ministry and Mission

The Diploma aims to provide a foundation for theological study and to deepen engagement with the major disciplines of theology, ministry and mission. It involves 12-16 modules (i.e. 240 credits) and is normally taken over 2-4 years. The award is validated by Durham University. Students may build on the Diploma with a BA (Hons) through future study.


Each module requires two assignments of 2,500 words each, or equivalent. Some modules are assessed by essays, other by a presentation or written reflection on Christian practice.


Students are normally expected to have A-Level or equivalent qualifications, though previous informal study or Christian ministry may be taken into account. 


Modules include: 

  • Introduction to Old Testament
  • Introduction to New Testament
  • Biblical Studies
  • Brief Introduction to Church History
  • Introduction to Christian Doctrine
  • Topic in Doctrine: Christology
  • Christian Faith and Ethical Living
  • Mission and Evangelism
  • Foundations for Reflective Practice / Mission and Ministry in Context
  • Pastoral Care

Additional Barnabas Teaching Centre Modules:

  • Introduction to Studying the Bible in Greek
  • Bible in Context 
  • Preparing to Learn 
  • Introduction to Christian Worship 
  • Church and Sacrament 
  • Introduction to Preaching
  • Leadership and Theology for Ministry and Mission
  • Mission Entrepreneurship 

Additional Mirfield Teaching Centre Modules:

  • Christian Worship: Learning Through Tradition 
  • Denominational History and Principles: Anglicanism (Anglican ordinands)
  • Introducing Theological Reflection 
  • Mission and Ministry in an Urban Context 
  • Islam and Christian-Muslim Engagement 
  • Missional Theology in Global Context 

Additional York Teaching Centre Modules: 

  • Mission and Ministry in a Rural Context 
  • Anthropology and Christian Mission