Full-time Ordination Training

St Hild College offers full-time and part-time ordination training for the Church of England. Full-time applicants are invited from across the country.

Residential Formation  

Full-time contextual ordinands engage in six residential weekends each year and our annual residential Easter week in Durham. Our weekend programme is centred around spirituality, leadership and mission. Residential weekends are precious community time during which we eat together, study together, pray for each other, worship and share the Eucharist. Students may also access additional retreat and study time at our Mirfield site, including some shared lectures with the College of the Resurrection.

Academic Formation

Students on this pathway access the required amount of teaching hours for full-time study, accompanied by extended practical learning in a missional context. This provides the advantages of robust full-time study in a practically rooted setting.

Ordinands meet weekly, either in Mirfield on Wednesday evenings or Sheffield on Mondays. The Mirfield Teaching Centre provides weekly theological reflection via the Mission in Practice group; the Barnabas Teaching Centre includes membership of the missional leadership programme with monthly reflection groups. Both programmes involve reflection on context with others, and learning from local and national practitioners in mission.  

Contextual Formation

Full-time contextual ordinands are based at a local parish or Fresh Expression. We work creatively with dioceses to arrange an appropriate context. Ordinands spend 16-20 hours each week working alongside and reflecting with experienced practitioners, and serving in a role where they may oversee new mission initiatives. Opportunities for wider experience are also provided through additional ministry placements and overseas visits.

St Hild prayer groups meet throughout the ordination journey, providing spaces for prayer, accountability and shared leading of corporate worship. Each ordinand is assigned a personal tutor who provides mentoring and support in partnership with our staff team. Ordinands are also encouraged to develop a support network throughout their training, and to receive spiritual direction.

Full-time contextual ordinands normally train for three years, but can train over two years if they already have a Theology degree or if agreed with the sending diocese. Some ordinands with part-time funding for three years have the option of training over two years full-time through our intensive pathway. 

For enquiries or to book a visit, contact enquiries@sthild.org