Ian Wallis

About Ian

Ian holds degrees in Biblical Studies from Sheffield (BA, PhD) and Cambridge (MLitt) Universities. Following a curacy in Armthorpe, Doncaster, and a chaplaincy at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, most of his ministry has been parish-based, serving as Rector of Houghton-le-Spring in the Diocese of Durham and Vicar of St Mark’s Broomhill, Sheffield. Ian has taught New Testament and early Christian origins at Cambridge and Durham Universities, as well as on various ministry training programmes, including the Yorkshire Ministry Course where he served as Principal.  Drawing on academic research and personal experience, he has spent over 30 years helping church communities relate contemporary Christian practice to the original impulse of faith embodied in Jesus.  Currently, Ian lives near Holmfirth with his wife Liz and their Golden Retriever, Cari.



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Research and Supervision Interests

  • Historical Jesus
  • Christian origins
  • Gospels – canonical and apocryphal
  • Healing and wholeness
  • Nature of faith
  • Hermeneutics and biblical interpretation