Churches in a Pluralist World

2nd April 2019

Churches in a Pluralist World

Who was John Neville Figgis?

Brilliant historian, political philosopher and theologian, J. N. Figgis CR was one of the great minds of the early twentieth century.  He was also a lovable if slightly eccentric priest whose own scepticism helped him to understand the problems that other people had with belief, but whose sense of the absolute priority of God and the love of God lent rare power to his writing and preaching.

Although Figgis died before the worst manifestations of twentieth-century totalitarianism, he was implacably opposed to all forms of absolutism. He favoured a broadly distributist and bottom-up view of authority that respects the integrity of individuals and of the communities and institutions that make up civil society, including the Church. Figgis is a prophet of modern pluralism.


Where: The Mirfield Centre, Communtiy of the Resurrection, Stocks Bank Road, Mirfield, West Yorkshire, WF14 0BN

When: Tuesday 2nd - Thursday 4th April, 2019

WhoGuest speakers include; Paul Avis, William Cavanaugh (USA), Mark Chapman, Elaine Graham, Andrew Grosso (USA), Jeremy Morris, Ephraim Radner (Canada), Peter Sedgewick, Stephen Spencer

Cost: Residential prices starting from £185.00 (Day delegate rates available on application)

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