St Hild Launches: Our Commissioning Service

14th January 2017

St Hild Launches: Our Commissioning Service

Our Commissioning Service took place on 14th January 2017 at Dewsbury Minster, conducted by Rev Graham Ensor, Rt Rev James Bell and Rt Rev Peter Burrows. It marked the merger of The Yorkshire Ministry Course and St Barnabas Theological Centre to form St Hild College. St Hild College now comprises 115 students, based at Teaching Centres in Mirfield, Sheffield and York.

Fr George Guiver, Superior of the Community of the Resurrection, gave the address. George said,

‘The launch of St Hild College…has to be a response to the sovereign call of God. It will be imperfect, as every human enterprise is. But St Hild isn’t a merely human enterprise, it is a Christian one, and the dynamic is different… [This dynamic draws] from the resurrection of Christ from the dead, and that never dries up.’

The full text of Fr George’s talk is available here.  

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