Our Students: Brian Greenfield

“I know that I’m part of a place that has a strong vision for raising leaders and part of a community that I could call family.”

After 15 years of teaching, and a previous career in IT, Brian has started his ordination journey at the Mirfield Teaching Centre where he studies on Wednesdays evenings alongside continued teaching and teacher training work.

“You could wind the clock back 20 years during which I’d been doing an awful lot of lay work in churches, and during that time I felt like God was giving me little pieces of jigsaw and I had no idea what the big picture was but I recognised that these things were important. As time went on, through a whole sequence of things, it became clear that ordination was the plan and what God had in store. I reckon God’s been working on me quite a while.”

“Teaching has been a great training ground for ministry. I think teacher training is about helping people become leaders themselves and finding out what their strengths and weaknesses are. That’s probably going be an important part of this job because there’s no way any minister can do it on their own.”

As a 2nd year, Brian has just over a year with us before starting his curacy. “The process is now underway and all the theory and assignments suddenly change into something which is really going to be happening! Having said that, there’s always been a focus on staying grounded. We’ve had external speakers come in, or gone out and done mission during Easter Week, and there have been additional sessions like the Resource Day. We talk about being missioners but we’re also going out there doing mission. It’s not just something we theorise about for three years and then go out.”

“I’m encouraged by the range of ways that people have come into the course, and the range of ages of experiences. One thing that was said to us on Day One was that the staff are here to help us realise the calling that we’ve individually been given to ministry, and I’d say that’s been absolutely adhered to. Even though we’ve got all these different people from different backgrounds mixed in together, somehow the course is still individual.”

“I know that I’m part of a place that has a strong vision for raising leaders and part of a community that I could call family.” 

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