Our Students: Natasha Thomas

"It's growth, and that's what I like." 

Natasha is training for ordination with us at the Mirfield Teaching Centre, alongside a busy role as the chief officer of a local charity.

“For the last 10 years I’ve been the chief officer for a small charity called HALE (Health Action Local Engagement).

“I’m very middle-of-the-road Anglican so it’s nice to have the experience of worshipping with the brothers up in the monastery and then you’ve also got people from very evangelical backgrounds. I like that because we’re the body of Christ.”

“I think of me it’s given me more of a language to articulate what I do within church. It’s given me confidence to talk in church about stuff, it’s given me confidence to lead.”

“HALE and church are both about connections. It’s me connecting with you, connected to her or him, and God is in all of us. So how do we enable those connections in places of isolation and loneliness and the worst things that should never happen in our society. We need to look at different ways in which we can do that. A friend and I are setting up a dementia service which is brilliant because we can really reach people in a way which connects them to something that cares and is bothered and will ring them up to check they’re okay or that the milk’s come. The church is a place that can do all of that.”

“If you want somewhere that offers a range of experience, excellent teaching, and good engagement then Mirfield is good. And the small groups are so essential, they’re really useful because they challenge you in ways you wouldn’t normally be challenged. It’s growth, and that’s what I like.”

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