Our Students: Sally-Anne Beecham

“I am confident that what St Hild has to offer in preparation for community ministry takes some beating.”

Sally-Anne is a part-time Anglican Ordinand, studying for a Graduate Diploma at the Barnabas Teaching Centre in Sheffield. Alongside her study, she works as Operations Manager for her church and lives with her husband and their two school-aged children.

“After being approved for ordination, I felt the need to study the doctrine of the church, but also to understand today’s culture more fully, so that I could prepare to teach with clarity and relevance to people from all walks of life. From talking with tutors and students at the Open Day, I was convinced that these features were built-in to the modules on offer, which made this training an exciting prospect.  Nine months in I am satisfied that my judgement was right, and have been impressed with the contemporary focus in all we do."

“Balancing study and other ‘life things’ isn’t easy, but I think it’s good training for the future when the ministry/life balance will be even more interesting! I’ve had to give up some things, and explain to friends and family what I’m doing so that their expectations of me are realistic, but I’ve also tried to be disciplined with regular time off. I’ve felt fully supported by peers and tutors through the challenges of formation."

"I have loved every minute of study so far, even the writing, which has surprised me.  There have been many highlights: the tutors, the visiting speakers; the worship; the laughter, learning from my peers. One particular highpoint was the Easter School for Ordinands in Durham, which was an incredible experience on many levels." 

"Even within 9 months, I feel that I’ve been given the opportunity to engage with a wide range of issues in today’s society, and shown how the Gospel significantly reaches into them. As someone called to community ministry, I am confident that what St Hild has to offer in preparation for this takes some beating.”

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