Our Students: Theo Sheridan

"I enjoy the fact that on Tuesday mornings I’m putting into practice what I’ve learnt on a Monday afternoon."

A recent International Development (with International Relations) graduate, Theo is now studying for his graduate diploma in Theology, Ministy and Mission at the St Barnabas Teaching Centre alongside two part-time jobs. 

“I do two part-time jobs: I work for a philanthropic organisation raising funds and distributing them to small third sector groups in the city. I also work as support staff for Leeds School of Theology who provide non-accredited theological training with churches across Leeds.”

“I’ve already done a degree in a non-theological subject but have an interest in theology. I’ve been getting involved in teaching in different contexts and wanted to have a greater understanding of theology to deepen my study. St Hild has given me the opportunity to do that flexibly.”

“I enjoy learning, and I’ve found that the graduate diploma has increased my understanding of God and His plans and His scriptures. It’s also impacted my teaching and my own personal devotion, and that’s been really great. That’s the thing that’s hard to pin down but I’ve started to see the impact of my study at St Hild in the way in which I live out my faith. I’ve absolutely loved it.”

“I’m not in church leadership, but the slant from St Hild is ‘the God who cares about everyday life’ and theology that’s applied to everyday life. Working in the secular workplace and studying theology opens me up to conversations and means I discuss my essay questions with colleagues. I enjoy the fact that on Tuesday mornings I’m putting into practice what I’ve learnt on a Monday afternoon.”

“I can see the vision of St Hild outworked as I work with people from across church spectrums. I’m 25 and I’ve enjoyed being around people of a range of ages and listening to their calling. I think that often your Christlike formation come from being around other people who reflect the image of Christ. Being around these people in break times, times of worship and in lectures has been great.” 

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